Handpan Accessories

  Finding Your Way Through the Maze of Handpan Accessories

Whether you're still awaiting word that the finishing touches are being made on your first handpan and you'll soon be receiving it, or you're a seasoned handpan musician with a collection of handpans, you're going to need handpan accessories. Maybe you'll be taking handpan lessons. If so, you'll need a bag to protect your instrument while in transit. But even if it won't be leaving your home, handpans are fragile so you'll need a bag to keep it safe and clean between uses. perhaps one of the soft handpan cases made of thick cordura nylon with a fiber inner layer to protect the top layer of the handpan, the sensitive playing surface.

While soft cases are fine for carrying your handpan to lessons or local gatherings. If you'll be flying to large gatherings like Steel Mountain Handpan, you'll need more protection. So you'll need to look into hardshell handpan cases. Some are reinforced with armor, yet have soft inner layers and padded shoulder straps and carrying handles. And for those of you who like to personalize your belongings, there are hardshell case companies that offer a variety of hand painted designs on their cases.

There are also handpan accessories for use in the home, items as basic as stands to hold your instrument at just the right height, to high tech microphones to capture the delicate harmonic sound when you're ready to record your playing. And like everything else worth having, care and maintenance go a long way in extending your handpan's lifespan. So you'll want to keep it rust-, dust-, and grease-free. For this task, there are microfiber cloths to use daily before playing, as well as lubricants for use every several months to ward off oxidation that can result in rust.

For information about any of these handpan accessories, and where you can get them, I invite you to visit my website. You can also email me with any specific questions you may have.

And while we're on the subject of inquiries, I get a lot of questions from readers confused about sites that offer hang drums for sale. While hang drum is not technically correct since not only can the term lead to confusion with steel drums, it is nonetheless used by a number of handpan makers. So if you see someone has hang drums for sale, they are actually selling handpans.

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