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As one who was fortunate enough to get in on the world of handpans while it was relatively simple, I continue to be amazed at how quickly handpans have garnered popularity. After all, they're barely 21 years old. Not everyone is aware of how recently they came to be, the invention of Felix Rohner and Sabina Scharer, two Swiss artists, who had previously been making steel drums. Many people new to the world of handpans are amazed by this since the sound these mesmerizing drum like instruments emit suggests an ancient Asian origin.

As far as construction, little has changed over the years. Handcrafted bowls of steel, each unique handpan is as much a work of sculpture as it is a musical instrumental. Starting out as two bowls of steel glued together, their oval shape reminds one of a UFO. The hammer marks scattered across the surface of the top shell bear witness that each has been made by hand, but also play a part in producing the rich layers of sound a skilled player can coax out of it.

The fact that they are not mass manufactured, but made one by one by hand in a difficult process that literally takes years to learn, much less perfect, means that each handpan is years in the making. This explains why you find yourself looking for handpans for sale rather than just going out to buy one as you would a guitar or a piano. Yes, the sad reality is that most handpan makers have long waiting lists of buyers willing to wait anywhere from months to years for their name to rise to the top. And the lists continue to grow as videos made by handpan players have gone viral across the internet and inspire new coverts. Like so many things in this digital age, the majority of those seeking handpans for sale buy handpan online, either from a qualified and reputable distributor or directly from a handpan crafter like me.

And so allow me, Mark D'ambrosio, to welcome you to my world, the world of the hypnotically sonorous handpan; a world in which I teach, sell, and spread the word about handpans through my blog, and where you can buy handpan online.


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