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  Hang Drum? Hangpan? Handpan? Just Plain Hang? Clearing Up The Confusion

Like Juliet's "a rose by any other name would smell the same," uttered in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, handpans go by several names, but make the same signature handpan sounds. Many people, including the artisans who create them use the words hangpan or hang drum, and they are not technically wrong. However, if you call it a handpan, you're right too, and in the majority.

Hang is the original term coined by Felix Rohner and Sabina Scharer, the creators of what we call the handpan. Hang is actually the German word for hand which explains why they chose it for their instrument, one which requires no more than hitting it with the hand. PANArt, the company they founded in 2001 to distribute what they called sound sculptures rather than musical instruments, technically owns the name Hang and still uses it rather than handpan. Technically, and to some extent legally, it is wrong for anyone else to use hang (as in hangpan or hang drum) to refer to handpans made by anyone else.

While the company more or less, looks the other way when others tag on the word pan when referring to the instrument, they draw the line when it comes to people calling their creation, or any iteration of it, a hang drum. They feel it can result in damage, since drums are hit with mallets or drumsticks, and doing so would destroy the unique delicate sound crafted into each handpan. To call a handpan a hang drum also leads to confusing it with a steel drum, which, ironically Rohner himself used to play in the 1970s,when the Trinidadian musical instrument was introduced to Europe. As a story goes, Rohner was moved to create the first handpan in response to a request by a steel drum player if he could make a steel drum that could be played by hand rather than mallets.

But as far as I'm concerned, should you ask me if I have any hang drums for sale. I'll refer you to my website just as I would if you asked where can I buy a handpan. I also refer you to my website for an explanation of all the other terms people use to refer to the handpan. Yes, there are even more but don't be confused. Trust me.


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