How Do I Choose A Handpan

  When It Comes to Choosing Your First Handpan, There's Plenty of Help Out Here

The burgeoning number of people who want to get their own handpan, combined with the length of time it takes a skilled handpan artisan to craft a quality instrument makes for a perfect storm resulting in lengthy waiting lists for potential buyers. And storm warning - some of these waiting lists stretch out for as long as three years. So if you're in the market for a handpan of your own, now is the time to learn about the type of handpans out there. This is why whenever someone enamored with the mesmerizing sound of handpans asks me how do I choose a handpan? I give them homework to do. The first assignment? Listen to a lot of handpan music. There are several ways to do this.

The easiest way is to watch some of the performance videos many handpan players are posting.These are easy to find, as so many have gone viral. Even better, get down and personal: there are a number of handpan artists who hold regular gatherings. If you go to my blog, I list a few so you can find out if there's one in your area. They're great places to go where you can meet handpan musicians, ask them which handpans they prefer, and why. If you're in the Colorado area, I recommend the gatherings held by Steel Mountain Handpan, one of my personal favorites and one I'm active in. But if there aren't gatherings you can attend in person, there's nothing stopping you from going to some of the online communities on sites like Facebook and Reddit and joining some of the virtual conversations.

Finally, there's a second part of your homework assignment. Set aside some time to learn about the different scales handpans can be tuned to. This way if there's a particular scale you're drawn to, you can find out how it sounds in a few scales before making your final choice. Once you've made that choice get on the handpan maker's waiting list. And while you're waiting, go to Facebook and join Steel Mountain Handpan gathering's public Facebook page. It's a great place for all things handpan, and a great place to ask How do I choose a handpan? See you there as well as on my blog.


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