The 5 Best Handpan Alternatives

Got handpan fever but not quite ready to put up big bucks for your first handpan? Not to worry there are plenty of great alternatives that can get you started at a fraction of the price.

Here are my top 5 best handpan alternatives.

[This list is meant to be impartial and I do not receive any compensation for listing any of the following companies.]

1. RAV

While this list is in no particular order, I had to list the RAV as the number one spot because it is truly one of my favorite handpan alternatives. The RAV was created in Russia in 2014 by Andrey Remyannikov and belongs to the Steel Tongue Drum family of instruments. Like the handpan, RAVs are made in diatonic

scale sets with pitches arranged in a circular zigzag pattern. Unlike most steel tongue drums, the RAV is tuned with up to 5 harmonic overtones in each individual tongue. The resultant sound is ethereal, otherworldly, and different from the handpan in its own unique way.

Prices range from $730 - $830 before shipping.

Listen to it here!


Next up we have the GUDA, and no, not the cheese. The GUDA is a steel tongue drum made in Ukraine. The GUDA comes in a variety of different models some featuring tuned overtones or internal pickup amplification. The GUDA is immediately recognizable for its distinct and beautiful etching designs making each a unique work of art.

Prices range from $350 - $1,000 before shipping.

Listen to it here!

3. YW Pulsar

Next on our list is the YW Pulsar created by Maksim Yudin out of Poland. One thing I love about the Pulsar is how customizable it is. When ordering, you can create almost any custom scale, (up to 13 notes spanning E2 – E5) choose from 4 different finish colors, and even choose a specific layout or tuning frequency.

Prices range from $600 - $1,000 before shipping.

Listen to it here!

4. KAA Tone

The KAA Tone is a steel tongue drum made by Aleksandr Kasinskiy in Obninsk, Russia. The KAA Tone has tongues with tuned overtones like its competitors but with an interesting thick-like heaviness to the tongues that give it a unique and individual sound.

Prices are currently $470 before shipping.

Listen to it here!